Are you new to the ride?

If you have any general questions about how Powderhorn 24 works, what to expect, where to be and when, etc., that isn’t answered in this note, please email Powderhorn24@gmail.com.  This email has the nuts and bolts of riding Powderhorn 24.  Further rules are included in your rider information packet.

Most important.

Everyone riding must sign the waiver to get a team number card, you can‘t participate without it.

If you are a minor at August 12, 2016, you must have a copy of the waiver reviewed and signed by your parent or guardian.

You can download the waiver from here:

Are you ready to ride?

Pre-ride Check-in will be held from 3pm to 8pm on Thursday, August 11. Location TBD.

Solo riders and any individual from a team may pick up the rider packets which include final ride instructions, your first manifest, number card(s), and shirts.  Print and bring the waiver included in this email.  We’ll only have a few extras on site.

The waiver must be completed before a rider participates in Powderhorn 24. Number cards will be withheld along with the incomplete waiver for any team members unable to check-in with the rest of their team.

There will be a second check-in on Friday from 3pm to 6pm at Checkpoint 4 (Start/Finish) when those unable to make it Thursday may check in and get their packets, and those who haven’t completed the waiver may do so and pick up their number.  If you still can’t make it before 6pm on Friday, you must wait until 8pm when the ride is smoothly underway to check in and sign the waiver.


There is a mandatory rider meeting at the start/finish in front of Freewheel Midtown at 6:40 pm Friday.
The first lap at 7:00 pm is a group ride along the recommended route  – everyone is welcome, but you may not pass the ride leader until after 1 full lap + 1 bridge (11
th Ave).

You will be hungry.

That’s why we have a fantastic and fast breakfast planned for you from 8-10am on Saturday at 3400 15th Ave S. Free for all riders and volunteers, please come and get it!

Safety First

Helmets are required while riding, and functioning front and rear lights are required during the dark hours.

Your bike is your responsibility. If you’re going to walk away from it, lock it.

Intersection Marshals will be stationed at key intersections throughout the neighborhood to help warn you of oncoming traffic. These Marshals are there to tell you when a vehicle, pedestrian, or other cyclist is approaching an intersection crossing. They are not there to advise you when to cross.

I don’t feel so good…

We’ll have a tent at Checkpoint 4 staffed by medical professionals. If you are injured, just not feeling quite right, or someone tells you how awful you look, don’t hesitate to come by the medical tent.  They may have some extras of what you forgot, it’s worth checking!

If you notice someone else isn’t well, please seek out someone from the medical tent to come check that person out.

In any circumstance of catastrophic or life threatening injury or illness, please call 911, then alert Powderhorn 24 staff and the medical tent.

Pack it in, Pack it Out

There is no recycling on the Greenway this year, so bring a sack to put your empty soda cans and yogurt cups in to take back with you.  It’s not so hard, they’ll be smaller and lighter on the way out.

We expect to have AMPLE trash receptacles.  Do not leave a mess on the ground, leave it like you found it.  No, leave it cleaner.  Be a good neighbor and pick up the granola wrapper that got away from somebody else so your organizers don’t have to do it when you’re heading home to sleep on Saturday night.

We will have a water supply at the top of the hill from the start/finish.  Please bring your own bottles to fill, we will keep it as cool as possible.

Don’t be a dunce.

Don’t be a jerk. We are serious about Dunce Laps this year. More info is in the rider packet.

This means kind to the volunteers, to the folks in the community and to other riders.  And be kind to yourself by not riding in a risky manner. 

So I’m *not* a medium?

Does your requested shirt not fit? We do have a few spares and will try to accommodate an exchange. We’ll be kind of busy, though, so don’t come see us until Saturday morning. Exchanges will be made, if possible, between 9am and 5pm on Saturday.

The End

Gather for a group photo at the start/finish at 7:15pm on Saturday. Lap winners will be announced around 8pm.



The Short Version

Waivers: Sign one before riding

Check-in & packet pick-up: 3-8pm on Thursday 

Rider meeting 6:40pm on Friday in front of Freewheel.

Sustenance: Bring your own food. Stay hydrated.

Helmets: all the time; Lights: required at night.

Medical tent: Know where it is.  Check it out.

Trash: Use it!

Be a good community member!