Registration is now open for 2019. You can register as a solo rider, or create a team and send invitations to your friends to join in. You’ll need to agree to the waiver and to the other rules of the ride; please read carefully!

Are you new to the ride?

If you have any general questions about how Powderhorn 24 works, what to expect, where to be and when, etc., please email Powderhorn24@gmail.com.  This email has the nuts and bolts of riding Powderhorn 24.  Further rules are included in your rider information packet, and online as we get closer to the ride.

Safety First

Helmets are required while riding, and functioning front and rear lights are required during the dark hours.

If you run a red light on Lake Street between 8am and 8pm, you will be immediately disqualified.

If you cut across Sibley Park from 8am to 8pm, you will get a dunce lap.

You are responsible for ensuring that all of your interactions with riders and volunteers are consensual (including taking photos and videos if you were not given a press pass).

Your bike is your responsibility. If you’re going to walk away from it, lock it.

Intersection Marshals will be stationed at key intersections throughout the neighborhood to help warn you of oncoming traffic. These Marshals are there to tell you when a vehicle, pedestrian, or other cyclist is approaching an intersection crossing. They are not there to advise you when to cross.

Safety Tent

We’ll have a tent at Checkpoint 4 staffed by medical professionals. If you are injured, just not feeling quite right, or someone tells you how awful you look, don’t hesitate to come by the medical tent.  They may have some extras of what you forgot, it’s worth checking!

If you notice someone else isn’t well, please seek out someone from the medical tent to come check that person out.

In any circumstance of catastrophic or life threatening injury or illness, please call 911, then alert Powderhorn 24 staff and the medical tent.